Honista APK Download v9.0 For Android (Official Website) 2024

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Honista is an excellently created 100% secure app for Instagram users. The developers will copy the app and we have also tested it through various bug and hazard scanners. We have concluded that it is 100% safe for your device and Insta account. Get this awesome Honista app for free without any worries.

Download Honista ِApp for Android 2024, the best-improved version of Instagram application with iPhone presence on Android. Update to Honista V8.2 version for free from Mediafire.

Download the latest version of the Honista app for Android 2024, the upgraded version of the Instagram iPhone app for Android, which carries all the professional features of Instagram Plus. Honesta Insta Download is the most requested and preferred option among the different versions of the Insta iPhone.

Honista APK has a lot of development and improvements that make it superior to the official Instagram version. The application offers changes in appearance and full customization, similar to iPhone themes, but on Android.

Size61.1 Mb
Available onAndroid 4.4+
App NameHonista
Last updated1 day ago
Genre instagram

In the new Honista V8.2 APK update, users have added many exclusive features, including extra features or the so-called hacked Honista app, all of which are now available for free and without needing payment.

About Honista

Based on the constant need for development and modernization, and because we know your needs, we have brought you Honista, a new application with unique and exclusive unprecedented features with an amazing user experience. Honista application 2024 is available for free with periodic updates for all Android devices starting from version 8.2 to version 4.4.

Are you still interested? So welcome, you can know details about Honesta.

What is the Honista App?

Honista is a professionally developed application with exclusive features specially designed for you to have the best possible user experience, while not requiring more applications to perform simple tasks like viewing your account photos or downloading video clips. Images and other things that all social media application users need these days.

Why should you use Honista?

Every moment you read these lines, you will wonder why I have not used or downloaded Honista until now, even though it is the official version and many advanced applications, Honista is ahead of everyone in the quality of development, compatibility with all phones, and in Functionality of available tools and features. This is in addition to the continuous updates that we release to improve and develop the application and make it more suitable for all users.

We also listen to your inquiries and recommendations through our accounts on social networking sites in general and on Telegram in particular, and we take them into account with each new update, so the number of Honesta users is growing at an amazing pace, 10 million users at the time of writing these lines.

Honista Updates

We’re constantly updating Honista to add new features, and we’re working to improve the user experience and make the app more useful for all users, so make sure you download the latest version of Honista via our download page. . , or if you already have the app installed, you can follow these steps to check for new updates.

  • Open the Honista app and then go to Settings via the toolbar at the top of the interface.
  • From Settings, go to “About Honista” option.
  • You will find “Check for a new update” option, click on it.
  • Wait a few moments and you will see a message telling you if there is a new update or not.

Security and Privacy

Respecting your privacy is an established value for us, so we take the privacy of your data and your usage very seriously and we do not tolerate this as it directly affects the large number of users who trusted our services and downloaded Honista. , so we’ve added conversation encryption features in the latest update, which will provide as much protection as possible for your conversations and data, with each new update, we work to improve our services with a strong set of privacy policies in mind.

Honesty’s privacy doesn’t end here either, as we provide you with more options through which you can get maximum privacy in the app. Here are the most important privacy settings.

  • Change the application icon to appear as any other application icon, such as Clock or Notes.
  • Show or hide the hidden chat icon in the toolbar.
  • Show or hide notifications from hidden conversations
  • Set a lock for chats with a PIN code or fingerprint.
  • Control whether to show or hide hidden conversations when unlocking the conversation list.
  • Set a lock for the entire application using a password or fingerprint
  • Automatically lock the application after a certain time.
  • Show or hide the app lock icon in the toolbar.


With a unique package of new and improved tools and features in Honista v5.0, you can now customize everything in the application, and here we are talking about literally everything so you can customize the interface color, change the font, and use different fonts. Whether you have Honista with an iOS font or any other font, you can customize emojis to look like iOS, without the need for other apps.

Customization and modification options include:

  • Enable or disable Dark Mode or Night Mode manually.
  • The theme changes the entire app to more than 50 color profiles.
  • Add a custom background to all conversations at once.
  • Choose from over 10 styles of conversation emojis.
  • Add new fonts that can be used entirely in the application interface.
  • Control the fonts used in stories and fully customize them.

Ghost mode in Honista

Do you want to browse Honista without bothering? We also provide you with exclusive features that allow you to use the app with complete freedom and privacy that is not available in any other app, through the new ghost mode, which makes the presence in the app completely hidden. The functions of ghost properties can be summarized as follows.

  • Show stories without sending views.
  • View unsent messages in conversations that you have shown to the other party.
  • Join the live stream without your name appearing in the viewer list, and the number of viewers does not change either.

Professional tools

You may complete tasks that were previously difficult or that required other apps to complete using Honista’s unique integrated set of tools and plugins. By cutting down on the time required to complete these tasks, you can enhance productivity. the magic wand icon, which may be found in any post, picture, video, or narrative to complete these tasks. The most significant content tools that Honista has to provide are as follows:

  • Download media for publication, like photos or videos, all at once.
  • “Play videos with the player from your phone” will open in the mobile player.
  • Download “The cover appears when sharing the post on social platforms” to view the post’s cover.
  • Republish the entire article along with all of your account information.

Content and Ads filters

To make Honista specifically suitable for each user, we have taken into account the preferences and options required by the users of the application, so we have added and improved the filter feature, through which you can customize the content displayed to your Honista, and the filter options include two main groups, Which is as follows.

First: remove ads and suggestions

This group contains options that allow you to control the presence of ads and advertisers.

  • Remove sponsored ads.
  • Remove suggested posts.
  • Remove recommended pages.
  • Enable anti-ads and advertisers.
  • Displays a list of pages where ad-blocking is enabled.

Second: post filters

The options available in this group control what content is shown to you.

  • Remove posts that contain videos
  • Delete posts that contain images.
  • Remove posts from personal pages.
  • Remove posts from public pages.
  • Remove favorite posts.
  • Remove previously viewed posts.

Control internet consumption

You don’t have to worry about running out of internet plan anymore, despite the high internet consumption on Honesta due to the quality of content like photos, videos, and stories available in the app, it is no longer a problem as we have provided features to reduce data consumption through some simple options, which are as follows.

  • Upload the lowest quality image available.
  • Download the lowest-quality video available.
  • Delete posts that contain videos.

Downloading media by Honista

With Honista, you won’t need third-party apps to download media like photos and videos from apps, thanks to new features that let you download these media instantly from apps. You can download images, videos, and stories using Honista in two easy ways.

Direct media download
With this feature, you can directly download any video, photo, or story, all you need to do is press once on the download icon which is usually at the top of the posts, and then the download directly.

Custom media downloads
You can choose and customize what you want to download from Honista by clicking on the magic wand icon we explained earlier, and then choose what suits you best from the options, which include almost everything.

Special features exclusive to Honista
As we mentioned at the beginning, everything in Honista is customizable and controllable, so we’ve provided you with a whole section in settings where you can control which tools are shown to you specifically, all features are enabled by default, but you can disable them. Easily, and settings include the following.

  • Download settings.
  • Special Features of “Magic Wand”.
  • Remove ads and suggestions.
  • Filter publication and application content.
  • Reduce internet costs.
  • Special features of the story
  • Special features of the reel.
  • Profile features.
  • Special features for conversations.
  • Toolbar settings.

Honista Backup Settings

You can easily keep your settings on Honista through the backup and restore feature, which allows you to save all your settings and preferences in a file that you can restore later on the same phone or another phone. To backup, follow the steps below.

  • From the toolbar, click the Settings icon.
  • From Settings, select Backup Settings.
  • Click Create Backup, then click OK.
  • This will show you where to save the backup files on your phone.
  • You can now share your settings with your friends or restore them to another phone

For professional users, we have given you full and unlimited control over all the features and settings of Honista, and this includes every general or advanced feature of the application as a whole, but you should be careful when changing these settings because it affects your use of the application. can disable some features you need, but even if this happens, you can delete the application and reinstall it, and then all settings will return to default.

Installation guide Honista

  1. Open your computer.
  2. connect to the Internet.
  3. Open a web browser.
  4. Go to Google.com.
  5. Find the downloadable file of Honista.
  6. Download file.
  7. Transfer the file to your Android phone.
  8. After that go to the phone’s settings.
  9. After that go to Security Settings.
  10. You need to enable the option of “Install from unknown sources”.
  11. After that, install the setup file.
  12. After installation, you can use the app.


  • Downloading media (pictures, videos, stories).
  • Copy bio and comments.
  • Unlimited privacy with Ghost Mode.
  • More features with developer options.

What’s New?

  • Show expired stories (instead of 24 hours, you have access to 48 hours of stories)
  • Implement activity history (quick access to search for viewed posts, pages, stories, and reels)
  • Apply Profile Magic Buttons (Copy Bio, Enlarge Profile Photo, Expired Story, Anti Ads)
  • Implement copy captions for reels
  • Fix bugs


Does the Honista app work alongside the official app?

Yes, when the official version of Instagram is present, Honesta works without problems if installed.

Is the Honesta application the reason for the ban on using Instagram?

In most cases, no. However, with the new use of the features provided by Honista, the user may be subject to a ban.

Is the Honesta app available for iPhone?

So far, there is no official release of Honista, but we are planning to launch a version specifically for the iOS system soon