Chloe Gottschalk Age, Husband, Height, Wadding, Daughter, Tiktok & Net worth in 2024

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Hello friends, In this post we will share the full biography of Marissa Mcnamara Lifts. You will know all about Marissa Mcnamara is famous YouTuber & also a popular influencing from the United States. So, read the bio article for full information about Chloe Gottschalk.

Chloe Gottschalk Biography

Chloe Gottschalk Bounds is a multifaceted individual known for her career in athletics, entrepreneurship, and social media influencing. Born on April 30, 1996, in Iowa, United States, she is 27 years old and married to Addison Bound, with a daughter named Vivienne Bounds. Chloe gained recognition as a former soccer player for Eastern Illinois University and later transitioned into a career focused on fitness, health, and social media.

She founded Bicah Body, a platform offering various services such as workout programs, recipes, and a supportive community. Chloe maintains a strong presence on Instagram, sharing aspects of her personal life, fitness journey, and motherhood experiences. She engages with her followers through motivational messages and interactive content, inspiring them to lead healthier and more balanced lifestyles.

Chloe Gottschalk’s Net Worth

Chloe Gottschalk’s net worth is estimated to be between $2-5 million as of the latest update in 2024

Physical Appearance

Chloe Gottschalk

Height5 feet 5 inches
Weight125 lbs \56.69 kg
Eye Colour Chuck Hazel
Hair ColourGolden Blonde


Who is Chloe Gottschalk

Full NameChloe Gottschalk Bounds
Date of BirthApril 30, 1996
Place of BirthIowa, United States
Favorite ColorLilac / Light Purple
HusbandAddison Bounds
DaughterVivienne Bounds
Email[email protected]


Chloe Gottschalk Career

Chloe Gottschalk began her soccer career playing for Eastern Illinois University’s women’s soccer team in 2014 as a forward. During her time there, she contributed to the team’s successes, including reaching the state tournament and being conference runner-up. Throughout her college career, she received various accolades, such as All-State Tournament team honors and being named to all-conference first and second teams. Following her graduation from Eastern Illinois, Chloe transitioned into a career focusing on fitness, health, and social media influencing. She continues to share aspects of her athletic background and soccer career on platforms like Instagram.

Chloe Gottschalk Instagram

Chloe Gottschalk Bounds, known as “chloegottschalk” on social media, has 325K followers. She identifies using she/her pronouns and describes herself as a digital creator. Chloe is the owner of @bicahbody & @bicahbychloe and promotes @shopvitality and @alaninutrition with the discount code “CHLOE”. Her content includes various links, codes, and collaborations related to fitness, health, and lifestyle. She has also shared posts about her journey, nail art, cozy collections, and promotions.

Chloe Gottschalk YouTube

Chloe Gottschalk’s YouTube channel has 22,000 subscribers and features 66 videos. She describes her channel as lacking a specific aesthetic or theme, instead focusing on posting content that brings her happiness and hopefully entertains her audience as well. Some of her recent videos include try-on hauls and reviews of activewear collections, particularly from the brand Vitality.

Chloe Gottschalk  TikTok

Chloe Gottschalk Bounds, known as “omgitschloeb” on social media, has 421 accounts followed and 757.1K followers on Instagram, with 41 million likes. Her bio indicates a focus on life as a mom. She also shares her life and content on Instagram with the handle “chloegottschalk.”

@omgitschloebVivi is 18 months pld today!!! and i am OBSESSED with the final results slayyyy crocs♬ original sound – Chloe Gottschalk Bounds

Chloe Gottschalk wedding

Chloe Gottschalk married Addison Bound on June 1, 2021. She posted a post on her Instagram

Mr. and Mrs. Bounds I am so lucky to be able to call you my HUSBAND @addisonbounds12.

Chloe Gottschalk wedding

Chloe Gottschalk Daughter

Chloe Gottschalk gave birth to a daughter named Vivienne Bounds on August 3, 2022. She shared a post on Instagram on August 3rd, 2022 – the day we finally got to meet our little girl Say hello to Miss Vivienne Bounds

Chloe Gottschalk Daughter

Some Facts About Chloe Gottschalk:

Chloe Gottschalk was born in Iowa, United States.
Chloe Gottschalk is approximately 27 years old.
She started her YouTube journey on 18 Apr 2020.
Chloe Gottschalk hopes to inspire the next generation to follow their dreams and work hard to succeed.
Her YouTube account has over 22K subscribers.
Chloe Gottschalk’s content is unique from all the influencers, making her stand out from others.

FAQs about Chloe Gottschalk:

Who is Chloe Gottschalk?
Chloe Gottschalk is an Influencer and YouTuber from the United States.

What is Chloe Gottschalk’s age?
She is approximately 27 years old.

How tall is Chloe Gottschalk?
She stands 165 cm tall.

How much does Chloe Gottschalk weigh?
Chloe Gottschalk’s weight is approximately 125 lbs \ 56.69 kg.

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